Every cup of coffee is one of a kind


Hello, Brewtiful

Brewtiful is a new way of enjoying coffee — while you’re shopping. It’s an espresso bar that acts like a guest in premium retails. It only serves specialty coffee, to go. The freshly launched business already has 6 bars throughout the country in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Baia-Mare, Timișoara and Constanța. 


Fixed Identity is overrated

Brewtiful has a versatile identity. Unlimited potential for variation. The wordmark can take any shape, as long as it keeps the hand painted signage feel and the retro look. The colour palette is inspired from Wes Anderson’s movies.

Blue is for Long Black, Laura's favorite

Blue is for Long Black

I'll have the blue one, please

Each cup has its own color, so you don’t have to remember the name of the drink. 


The coffee spot

Brewtiful is exactly that. You go to your favorite store to buy shoes and you grab a quick but amazing coffee at the coffee spot. The bar adapts its signage from one space to another to blend in.


The coffee look

Black and brown are the dominant colours in communication. The visual style complements the vivid cups with a more reserved, artisanal look. 

Photoshooting at Luigi Cazzavillan Park, Bucharest

Photoshooting at Luigi Cazzavillan Park, Bucharest